I’m trying to play the violin again, in spite of a broken finger. I started in 5th grade and really enjoyed it, even though the comments of my friends were not positive. The violin wasn’t cool, I continued into 8th grade with the help of an amazing teacher at Northwestern U, We played gypsy music and bluegrass. He left and my new teacher was all classical and thought I was a two-year-old. If I had a good lesson, and I usually did, I was rewarded with a sucker.  I liked the sucker but, taking the bus home carrying a violin and a sucker was too much for a cool 8th grader. I quit the violin and took up a saxophone and a guitar. Now I’m playing a FIDDLE and I don’t really care what my friends think.

Starting Out

When I was 5, I was walking through the Union Station in Chicago with my dad. I saw a group of people, dressed in uniforms playing instruments and beating a drum.  At home, in the evening my mom played the piano and we all sang. Since I knew the song this seemed like a time to sing. I stood beside the drum and sang as loudly as I could, People stopped to listen and when we got to the end the band started over, I sang it again and this time when we got to the end the band quit and the people applauded. My dad and I walked away holding hands. It was quite a day. Bill